Adhd: A Mental Disorder Or A Mental Advantage, 2nd Edition

The New and Improved 2nd Edition! 3/9/2015 Let’s see what some readers had to say… “With cases of being inattentive, restless, impulsive, and many other rough traits this condition might turn you into, there is still hope that you could be a person of use rather than a destruction to society. This book is a hit! ” -Teddy O. “There‚Äôs hope and support here for ADHD sufferers and their loved ones.” -Rhonda B. “This book has so much great information about symptoms, behaviors, treatments, and even how to parent a child with ADHD that I believe this is an excellent resource for anyone dealing with this situation in their life.” -Amy ADHD Can Also Be An ADVANTAGE?! Do you really know what ADHD is? What if I told you ADHD doesn’t have to be characterized as a disorder? What if I told you ADHD can actually be used to one’s advantage? The topic of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) has been thrown around a lot recently. Unfortunately, it usually has a negative connotation attached to it. If one is already diagnosed with ADHD, why not use it to one’s benefit? Time to open up your eyes to a new perspective! In This Book You Will Learn… Understanding what ADHD is all about The different types of treatments for ADHDThe negatives and positives (yes, positives) of ADHDAnd much, much more! The TRUTH Lies In One Click! Stop thinking, take ACTION and Buy This Book!


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