Natural Approaches To ADD/ADHD

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There is a well worn truism that says ‘we are what we eat’. So maybe there is an approach to be made to the problem of attention deficit disorder from the direction of diet. This of course also means lifestyle.
Dr. Joey Shulman presents some insights.

As research grows, natural and dietary approaches to dealing with or managing ADD are emerging. Some preventive and proactive natural treatments include:

1. Breastfeed babies
Children who are breast-fed for six months or longer seem to be less likely to develop ADD. One theory is due to the higher amount of omega-3 fat in breast milk.

2. Identify food allergies
It is not uncommon for a child’s behaviour to be affected by food allergies. The most common food allergies are dairy, wheat, citrus, eggs, chocolate and soy.

3. Supplement with high-quality fish oil
Fish oil contains an essential fat called omega-3 essential fat. Research shows that children who suffer from ADD/ADHD are often deficient in omega-3 and its derivative, DHA.

4. Reduce TV time
Research has shown that for every hour of television children between the ages of one and three watch, their risk for developing ADD by the age of seven increases by 10 per cent.

5. Supplement with magnesium
Studies have shown that children diagnosed with ADHD have lower levels of magnesium. When supplemented with magnesium, hyperactivity behavior was significantly reduced.

6. Reduce refined flour and sugars in the diet
An over consumption of white flour and sugar products (for instance cakes, cookies, pop) can trigger restlessness and hyperactivity in children.

Dr. Joey Shulman is the author of national bestseller The Natural Makeover Diet (Wiley, 2006) and of Winning the Food Fight (Wiley, 2003). For more information, visit…More at Manage attention deficit disorder the natural way – Canadian Living 

Modern medicine tends to take a drug therapy approach towards everything and sometimes that is appropriate but just maybe adopting some of the ideas above will reduce or negate the need for drug therapy.


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